MayDay Lone Worker Alarm (LMW2)

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The MAYDAY is a lone worker safety system that is designed to raise an alarm call if a lone worker becomes incapacitated making it invaluable to management and providing re-assurance to lone workers.

Once the Mayday is armed, the primary countdown timer (20-60 minutes) is started and indication is given by the countdown LEDs. At the end of this primary period the secondary timer (2-10 minutes) starts and an audible warning is given to prompt the loneworker to cancel this by pressing the OK button. As the timer approaches time out, the indications become more urgent and if the lone worker fails to respond, the MayDay signals for assistance.

Key Features

  • An On Off keyswitch to arm the unit and secure reset
  • OK button to restart the countdown timer and reset the alarm
  • A green Power On LED
  • Four red System Active countdown LEDs
  • Audible Visual Indicator
  • Ideal for use on Remote Sites, 24 Hours Garages, Night Watchmen Patrols and Shift workers
  • Saves Money - SAVES LIVES

Technical Specification

  • Two countdown timers 20-60 mins and 2 -10 mins. Adjusted during the installation
  • An integral piezo sounder. (100db at 1m)


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