Apollo Series 65 Standard Base (45681-200)

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  • 45681-200

The Apollo Series 65 Standard Base can be used with all Apollo Series 65 detectors including optical smoke detectors and rate of rise heat detectors. One base is required for each detector in the conventional fire alarm system.

This detector base has been designed so that detector can be easily mounted without force – a simple clockwise rotation is required to fit the detector to the base and detectors can be locked in place by use of a grub screw.

The wide 100mm interior of the base provides easy access to cables and terminals and there are two slots for fixing screws. There are 5 terminals in this base and these are labelled according to their purpose.

All detectors are polarity insensitive so identification of positive/negative lines is only necessary if a remote LED has been fitted. An earth connection is not required for safety or detector operation either: the earth terminal is only provided for the termination of earthed conductors, cable screens or to maintain earth continuity.

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