Our Top 10 Most Attractive Fire Alarms and Safety Accessories

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A number of the products that made it into our top 10 list.

For some, the installation of important fire alarms and safety devices can negatively impact what has been a meticulously planned and designed environment but it doesn’t need to be that way.

In many cases, installers and interior designers feel there’s not much they can do about the situation and are resigned to the fact that these are safety devices – required to protect and save lives, they don’t need to look good.

Fortunately, product designers are coming round to the idea that form doesn’t necessarily follow function and fire alarms and their accessories can be good-looking in their own right.

We’re always being asked if we have better-looking versions of our products, with stainless steel being a very popular request. To help our customers we’ve rounded up a list of 10 products currently in-stock on discountfiresupplies.co.uk that we feel show care and attention to design details.

Hark Disabled Toilet Alarm1. Hark Stainless Steel Disabled Toilet Alarm – £138.00

If a safety product could be described as sexy, this would be the prime candidate. The Hark Stainless Steel Disabled Toilet Alarm is a brilliant example of designers meeting the needs of consumers to provide a good looking solution that still operates perfectly. Brushed stainless steel panels and modern blue lights create a sense of cool luxury that would sit perfectly in modern establishments like 5* hotels and trendy bars.


Sita Addressable Fire Alarm2. Fike Sita ASD Multipoint Detector with Sounder – £POA

As a company you’ll see that Fike has a great focus on design, so much so that we’ve featured another of their products in this list. Sita is an addressable fire alarm system that features a range of devices, this item itself featuring both smoke and heat detection components.

The sleek, rounded design of the Sita Multipoint Detector with cutaway vents has an almost space-age feel and would doubtless fit in nicely in any ultra-modern environment. It’s also available with a sounder to minimise the number of devices that need to be installed.


Twinflex 2-Wire Fire Alarm3. Fike Twinflex Multipoint Detector – £POA

Twinflex is another of Fike’s fire alarm systems, this time operating on a 2-wire principle.

Similar in style to it’s Sita sister, the Fike Twinflex Multipoint Detector has a monochrome banded design which clearly delineates the separate sections of the detector.

Also available with or without a sounder.


Chrome Hanging Emergency Exit Sign4. Hanging Emergency Exit Signs – £26.40

Emergency exit signs can ruin the aesthetics of a beautiful doorway. To promote a professional and luxe image you should consider our Hanging Emergency Exit Signs, available in no less than 3 flawless finishes.

This product is maintained which means it will stay illuminated at all times, using the main power supply in normal conditions and a battery power source in an emergency.

You can choose from sleek chrome, warm brass and clean white to suit your décor.



ICAM IAM air-sampling smoke detector5. ICAM IAS Single Channel Air-Sampling Smoke Detector – £390.00

Now, this single channel air-sampling smoke detector isn’t likely to be installed anywhere the public can access it, but that’s no excuse for it not to be aesthetically pleasing is it?

The transparent smoky-black casing on the ICAM IAS smoke detector allows the observer to see the inner-workings of the smoke detector, making the device itself all the more interesting.


Zeta Smoke Alarm6. Zeta Domestic Enhanced Optical Smoke Alarm – £9.00 1 Year, £20.40 10 Year

Good looking fire detectors are in even more demand for the home where many of us spend thousands of pounds of our own money every year to create an elegant and cosy environment.

High-functionality and reliability is also of the utmost importance so we recommend the Zeta Domestic Enhanced Optical Smoke Alarm which comes with a 1 or 10 year battery. Every care has gone into the design of the product to ensure it’s easy to use and doesn’t detract from it’s surroundings.


Zeta CO Detector7. Zeta Domestic LED Carbon Monoxide Alarm – £23.94

Carbon monoxide detectors are much more frequently found in homes today so there’s also a requirement for these to be as pleasing on the eye as their smoke or heat detecting counterparts.

This LED carbon monoxide alarm is part of the Zeta Domestic range so, if co-ordination is important to you, it would sit perfectly alongside the smoke alarm we’ve already discussed.


Fire Extinguisher Stand8. Chrome Fire Extinguisher Stand – £45.59 Single, £54 Double

Fire extinguisher stands don’t have to be made of boring red plastic, instead you could have this minimalist chrome fire extinguisher stand gracing your premises in all the key places.

Made of a single length of strong formed pipe the item allows your fire extinguishers to remain free-standing and be positioned wherever they’re needed. The design ensures that the extinguishers won’t topple and are easily accessible.

What’s more, it’s available in single or double capacity.


Glade LED Emergency Downlight9. Glade 1W Non-maintained Emergency Downlight – £40.80

There’s a massive focus on LED technology just now as an energy- and cost-saving alternative to traditional emergency lighting.

The Glade emergency downlight is one such example that’s powerful enough to light a dark area in an emergency yet so slim and discreet that it may go unnoticed during normal conditions. And even if it was noticed, what’s to complain about?


Series 600 Door Closer10. Series 600 electro Magnetic Door Closer – £189.00

Even door closers are being given the product design treatment to give them an extra dimension of style.

The Series 600 electro magnetic door closer, with swing-free and hold open features, boasts a clean-lined aluminium casing and unobtrusive black wiring which helps it to blend stylishly into the environment it’s installed in.


We have many more fire alarms, safety devices and accessories at Discount Fire Supplies, to request any products you can’t see available please just contact our team on 01792 452 700.


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Michael Johnson says:

very good list!

but in my opinion the Fyreye MKII detectors should be on here!!
The Most Asthetically pleasing detector ive ever seen is the MKII
so much so, it would possibly be a talking point!

admin says:

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your comments! The Fyreye MKII detectors will be launching on our website very soon so watch this space.


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