Sygno-fi Wireless Multi-Sensor Detector in White or Black


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    Sygno-fi Wireless Multi-Sensor Detector in White or Black

    The SYG-MA is a wireless mtulti-sensor detector for the Sygno-fi wireless system.

    The detector is a fully intelligent device combining both dual optical smoke and heat detection technologies for improved performance, whilst maintaining high levels of unwanted alarm rejection.

    Utilising well-proven adaptive radio signal processing algorithms ensure the highest levels of life safety and system reliability are achieved. An in-built magnet test allows easy activation to verify correct functionality and response.

    This device is supplied with a standard base and is compatible with the following sounder bases;

    • SYG-BS
    • SYG-BSB-23W
    • SYG-BSB-23R


    • Advanced dual optical chamber design.
    • Twin alarm LEDs for 360° visibility.
    • Multiple operating settings.
    • Advanced drift compensation.
    • Bi-directional wireless communication.
    • Can be used with Sygno-fi addressable and conventional translators.
    • 22 pairs of field channels.
    • Dual channel redundancy.
    • Long communication range (≅ 1 km in open air).
    • 10 year battery life.
    • Utilises standard low cost lithium battery technology.
    • Device identification tab.
    • Security screw to prevent tampering and unwanted removal.
    • Easy scan & link programming option.
    • 3rd party approved.
    • 5 year product warranty.
    • Tri-coloured LED.
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