Quantec Enuresis or General Purpose Interface Socket (QT637)


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    Quantec Enuresis or General Purpose Interface Socket

    Allows bed wet sensors, floor pressure mats and bed/chair exit sensors to be easily interfaced to a Quantec addressable call system. Includes two 6.35mm remote jack sockets - one for use with a QT635 enuresis/bed wet sensor and one that will accept a floor pressure mat (QT644), bed exit mat (QT633) or chair exit mat (QT634).

    Onboard battery/isolation circuit ensures compliance with all relevant UK medical directives. Connects to Quantec via the ancillary input on a Quantec master call point or a QT630 dementia care controller. Can be programmed to generate a ‘standard’, ’help required’ or ‘emergency’ call on activation via a QT423 configurator at the master call point.

    Key Features

    • Includes a battery test button and low battery/enuresis active indicators
    • Supplied on a double gang plate typically located at floor level
    • Requires a PP3 battery

    Technical Specifications

    • Alarm current: 20mA
    • Max battery size and type: Requires a PP3 battery (not supplied)
    • Indicators: Enuresis Active (Flashes red every four seconds when the QT635 Bed Wet Sensor detects moisture); Low Battery (Flashes amber every four seconds when the battery is low)
    • Controls: TEST button (Press to confirm the enuresis circuitry is working (Enuresis Active indicator will illuminate red).
    • Connections: N-; L+; Fault; Enuresis; Bed Exit - see main instructions for wiring details
    • Onboard 6.35mm Remote Jack Socket: Yes (x2). One for a Bed Wet Sensor (QT635) and one for a floor pressure mat (QT644), bed exit mat (QT633) or chair exit mat (QT634).
    • Product dimensions (mm): 146 W x 87 H x 33 D mm. Mount on a 35mm deep back box
    • Construction & finish: Plastic
    • IP Rating: IP20
    • Weight: 130g
    • Operating conditions/temperature: -5°C to +40°C. Max relative humidity: 95%.


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