Apollo Universal XPERT Address Card


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    Apollo Universal XPERT Address Card

    The Universal XPERT Address Card has been designed to allow the same card to be used on both, XPERT 7 & XPERT 8 bases.

    To set an address using the XPERT Universal Address Card you have to remove the pips using a screwdriver. The pips are designated with numbers. Each removed pip is added together to provide the final address.

    *note - when using the Universal XPERT Card with XP95 or Discovery devices, the 128 bit pip can be removed or left in-situ.


    • Allows the same card to be used on both, XPERT 7 & XPERT 8 bases.
    • Includes 128th pip for CoreProtocol systems.
    • Address pips have additional lead-in for a higher tolerance.
    • Simplifies and speeds up installation and commissioning.
    • Address remains the same, no matter how often the detectors are replaced.

    Technical Specifications

    • Compatibility : XPERT 7 & XPERT 8 Bases
    • Number of Pips : 8
    • Pip Height : +0.01 mm
    • Address Card to Detector Pip Contact Diameter : Ø1.7 mm - 2 mm
    • Break-out Web on Pip (4x per Pip) : 0.6 mm
    • Material : 46000-005 (PC) White Colour


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