Lockable Alarmed Letterbox with optional Anti-Arson

Letterbox Sentry

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    Lockable Alarmed Letterbox with optional Anti-Arson

    Manufactured to fit behind a standard letterbox, giving you complete control of access. Allows you to lock and unlock your letterbox automatically at desired times, protecting your home during the hours when you are not expecting legitimate mail.

    In the locked position it will stop unwanted objects from being posted into your property, preventing letterbox crimes and keeping you, your family and property safe.

    If the letterbox is locked and an attempt is made to force it open, the unit will detect a shock force and the inbuilt alarm will sound for 2 minutes giving you valuable time to move to a safer location and call the emergency services.

    If the unit is unable to lock due to items keeping it open, the inbuilt alarm will sound if anyone attempts to force it open.


    • Reduces risk of vandalism, fishing and lock manipulation.
    • Optional anti-arson / in-built vapour sensor (FG1 model only).
    • Stops unwanted items being posted.
    • Stops peeping.
    • Automated locking.
    • Audible alarm.
    • Can be used with most letterboxes.
    • Suitable for wooden or uPVC doors.
    • Simple, easy DIY fit.
    • All fixings included.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have to screw the unit into the door / letterbox?

    Yes, a template guide is included to show you how to install and fix the unit to your door.

    What are the dimensions?

    Length 250mm, Height 63mm, Depth 37mm.

    Does it come in any other colours?

    No, all units come in white.

    Can I take my Letterbox Sentry with me if I move?

    Yes, we would recommend you remove the letterbox itself and take the unit as a whole.

    Will it prevent someone posting flammables through the letterbox?

    Letterbox Sentry acts as an early warning system. Both the TG1 and FG1 units have been designed to prevent anyone posting or pouring anything through your letterbox when locked. The FG1 model has an inbuilt vapour sensor which detects flammable accelerants. As soon as a flammable substance has been detected, whether the unit is locked or unlocked, the audible alarm will sound. If the letterbox is in a closed position, it will automatically lock.


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