Lexicomm ViLX-TMS-W-8 Touch Screen Master or Repeater Station

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    Lexicomm ViLX-TMS-W-8 Touch Screen Master or Repeater Station

    The Lexicomm Network ViLX-TMS Master station can accept up to eight lines of outstation, (Type A fixed phones, Type B refuge hands free points, emergency assist alarm point or jack points in Far East and Middle East applications) as required. The touch-screen layout has four buttons allowing quick access to the main functions and permanently displaying the number of current calls, alarms and faults.

    Emergency Assist Alarm calls can be acknowledged by pressing the Icon on screen(as required by BS8300) and will return to alarm if not reset within two minutes. The ViLX-TMS has inbuilt networking allowing it to form one of the 64 panels on a Lexicomm network installation allowing a total of 512 outstations to be accommodated. Each panel can be a master station or ViLX-EX8 network expander.The case is made from powder coated zintec, with a smoked perspex door covering the handset. 20mm cable knock-outs are provided for all necessary cables as well as space for the backup 12V 7AH VRSLA battery.

    Key Features

    • 4.3” full colour touch-screen.
    • Fully compliant to BS5839-9.
    • Integrated assist call with acknowledge meeting BS8300.
    • 1.5A EN54-4:A2 PSU.
    • Full duplex operation.
    • Wall mount enclosure.
    • Lockable handset cover.
    • Expandable from 2 to 512 lines (master station only).
    • Inbuilt networking.

    Technical Specification

    Power Supply and Charger

    • AC Input : 230VAC +/- 10% 50/60Hz
    • Internal Supply : 5V, 16V, 27V DC
    • Supply : Monitored Open, Short, Fuses, High Impedance
    • Protection : Deep discharge, Short, Thermal
    • Battery Type : 1 x 12V 7AH VRSLA
    • Mains Fuse : 240V 1A HRC
    • Battery Fuse : 750mA PTC
    • Charge Current : 400mA


    • Lines : 2-8 in 2 line blocks
    • Remote Enable : Short to use
    • End Of Line : 10KΩ


    • Number : 2, Fault & In use
    • Type : Volt free relay
    • Contact : 30V DC 1A


    • Buttons : 3 Navigation keys
    • Touch Screen : 4.3” 272 x 480 x RGB
    • State LED : 1, RGB indicator
    • Fault LEDs : 3, PSU, System, General
    • Supply LEDs : 2, AC ,DC present

    Network Cables

    • Type : Enhanced*
    • Cores : 2x2 core 1mm or 1.5mm
    • Distance : 500m

    Standards Compliance

    • EMC : EN55103-1,EN55103-2
    • LVD : EN60065
    • Product Family : BS5839-pt9, BS9999, BS8300

    Dimensions & Weight

    • Panel (Height x Width x Depth) : 300x350x95mm
    • Bezel (Height x Width x Depth) : 350x400x1mm
    • Cutout (Height x Width x Depth) : 305x355x85mm
    • Weight : 5kg


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