Lexicomm ViLX-228-0 0 Line EVCS Repeater Station

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    Lexicomm ViLX-228-0 0 Line EVCS Repeater Station

    The Lexicomm LX228 repeater station consists of a self-contained enclosure housing a master handset, an EN54-4:A2 2006 power supply & battery charger and can be surface or flush mounted.

    The case is made from powder coated zintec, with a smoked perspex door covering the handset. 20mm cable knock-outs are provided for all necessary cables as well as space for the backup 12V 7AH VRSLA battery.

    The repeater station is microprocessor controlled, it has an identical appearance to a LX228 master station and can control a maximum of 8 lines. Lines auto identify by flashing Red for EVCS calls, Blue for assist calls or flashing Green for Connected calls as detailed in BS5839pt9:2011.

    Assist Calls can be acknowledged by pressing the zone key (as required by BS8300) and will return to alarm if not reset within two minutes.

    A maximum of one repeater station can be connected to a ViLX-228 master station, no configuration is required.

    All Lexicomm Emergency Voice Communications Systems (EVCS) are designed to comply fully with the requirements of BS5839-9:2011 for use as a fire telephone system (FT), disabled refuge system (DRS) or as a combined system when both fire telephones and disabled refuge call points are required.

    Key Features

    • Repeater station for Lexicomm LX228 EVCS system.
    • Compact design.
    • Optional stainless steel enclosure.
    • Fully compliant to BS5839-9: 2011.
    • Integrated assist call and acknowledge meeting BS8300.
    • 1.5A EN54-4:A2 PSU.
    • Full duplex operation.
    • Wall mount enclosure.
    • Lockable handset cover.
    • Expandable from 2 to 8 lines.
    • Inbuilt networking.

    Technical Specification

    Power Supply and Charger

    • AC Input : 230VAC +/- 10% 50/60Hz
    • Internal Supply : 5V, 16V, 27V DC
    • Supply : Monitored Open, Short, Fuses, High Impedance
    • Protection : Deep discharge, Short, Thermal
    • Battery Type : 1 x 12V 7AH VRSLA
    • Mains Fuse : 240V 1A HRC
    • Battery Fuse : 750mA PTC
    • Charge Current : 400mA


    • Lines : 2-8 in 2 line blocks
    • Remote Enable : Short to use
    • End Of Line : 10KΩ


    • Number : 2, Fault & In use
    • Type : Volt free relay
    • Contact : 30V DC 1A


    • Buttons : 8 Zone keys
    • Zone LEDs (x8) : RGB Status leds
    • Fault LEDs : 3, PSU, System, General
    • Supply LEDs : 2, AC ,DC present

    Network Cables

    • Type : Enhanced*
    • Cores : 2x2 core 1mm or 1.5mm
    • Distance : 500m

    Standards Compliance

    • EMC : EN55103-1,EN55103-2
    • LVD : EN60065
    • Product Family : BS5839-pt9, BS9999, BS8300

    Dimensions & Weight

    • Panel (Height x Width x Depth) : 300x350x95mm
    • Bezel (Height x Width x Depth) : 350x400x1mm
    • Cutout (Height x Width x Depth) : 305x355x85mm
    • Weight : 5kg


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