Sonos Pulse Wall Mounted EN Certified VAD Beacon With Optional Sounder


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    Sonos Pulse Wall Mounted EN Certified VAD Beacon With Optional Sounder

    Sonos Pulse wall mounted Visual Alarm Devices are available as fire beacons or combined sounder beacons.

    • White flash: EN54-23 coverage W-3.1-11.3
    • Red flash: EN54-23 coverage W-2.4-7.5

    Key Features

    • Conforms to EN54-23
    • Pulse Alert Technology
    • Body Colour: Red or White
    • Flash Colour: Red or White
    • Wire to Base Technology
    • Simple Upgrade
    • Synchronised Flash
    • No Surge Current
    • Weatherproof to IP65 (Beacon Only Version)


    Conforms to EN54-23 Exceeds the illumination requirements of EN54-23
    Pulse Alert Technology Patented electronic design maximises system efficiency by minimising power consumption
    Up to 11.3m Coverage volume Reduces the number of devices required most rooms can be protected with a single device
    Wire to Base Technology Installation is quick and simple with mounting and wiring made only to the base the head clicks on to the base during commissioning
    Simple Upgrade Sonos Pulse VADs share the same base mounting and wiring as previous versions making the transition to Pulse versions as simple as possible
    Optimum Performance Level Pulse Alert Technology enables the coverage pattern to be fixed at the optimum performance level
    Synchronised Flash Sonos Pulse VADs protect everyone including people prone to photosensitive epilepsy
    No Surge Current Eliminates power surges during system start up
    Weatherproof to IP65 Surpasses the Ingress Protection requirements of EN54-23 making them suitable for a wide variety of environmental conditions


    Sonos Pulse Wall - White Flash

    Each Sonos Pulse wall mounted device can be mounted up to 3.1m high and can conver an 11.3m x 11.3m square room with a single device.

    White Flash Coverage of Sonos Pulse Wall

    Sonos Pulse Wall - Red Flash

    Each Sonos Pulse wall mounted device can be mounted up to 2.4m high and can cover an 7.5m x 7.5m square room with a single device.

    Red Flash Coverage of Sonos Pulse Wall


    Shallow Base

    Dimensions of Sonos Pulse Wall With Shallow Base

    Deep Base

    Dimensions of Sonos Pulse Wall With Deep Base

    Technical Specification

    • Bases : Available with either Deep or Shallow Base
    • Body Colour : White or Red
    • Flash Colour : White or Red
    • Voltage : 17-60 VDC
    • Current @ 0.5Hz :
      • Beacon Only : 20mA
      • Combined Beacon Sounder : 25mA
    • Current @ 1Hz :
      • Beacon Only : 40mA
      • Combined Beacon Sounder : 45mA
    • IP Rating :
      • Beacon Only : IP65 (deep base version)
      • Combined Beacon Sounder : IP21
    • Operating Temperature : -25ºC to +70ºC
    • Construction : Flame Retardant Polycarbonate
    • Cable Entries: Deep Base : 2 x 20mm cable glands
    • Weight (kg) :
      • Shallow Base : 0.24kg
      • Deep Base : 0.29kg


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