VoCALL CFEASL4 Emergency Assist Alarm 4 Way Splitter & PSU (CFEASL4)


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    VoCALL CFEASL4 Emergency Assist Alarm 4 Way Splitter & PSU

    The 4 way splitter unit allows up to 4 stand alone disabled toilets to be monitored in one specific area.

    Staff can then, at the designated area such as a reception or security desk, react to an alarm swiftly and efficiently.

    The emergency assist power supply unit (PSU) is designed to power the 4 way splitter.

    When using the 4 way splitter each disabled toilet does not need its own PSU as each toilet is powered by the 4 way splitter.

    The VoCALL emergency assist alarm kit can be used with the 4 way splitter. The individual components of the VoCALL emergency assist alarm kit can also be purchased separately.

    Key Features

    • Designed to comply with all regulations and recommendations.
    • High visibility.
    • Small compact design.
    • Local panel acknowledge call button.
    • Up to 4 disabled toilets monitored in one area.
    • Uses blue LEDs to avoid confusion.
    • Visibility to remote staffed areas.
    • No mains or PSU required at each disabled toilet using the 4 way splitter.

    Technical Specification

    • Output Voltage : Volt free relay
    • Construction : Polycarvbonate
    • Dimensions (mm)
      • Splitter : H 86 x W 146 x D 29
      • PSU : H 86 x W146 x D 39
    • Power Supply Input : 230V AC +10%/-15%
    • Power Supply Output : 12V DC (nominal)
    • Power Supply Battery (Optional) : Yuasa 0.8Ah/12V


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