Electro Detectors Millennium Radio Indoor or Outdoor Manual Call Point

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    Electro Detectors Millennium Radio Indoor or Outdoor Manual Call Point

    The EDA-C300 (indoor) or EDA-C340 (outdoor) radio break glass units or radio call points are a fundamental item for any radio fire alarm system. The new design has taken advantage of the advances in technology seen in the very popular Millennium range of EDA sensors. The self contained unit incorporates the new world series KAC call point and houses the transmitter, antenna and batteries powering the unit for up to 10 years and is only 40mm deep.

    From a company which has over 25 years experience of designing and manufacturing fire alarm systems, the call point contains a powerful processor and utilises modern fabrication techniques to achieve the ultimate in performance and reliability. On board memory includes an event log, non volatile configuration information and a unique serial number.

    The radio call point can be supplied as a standard unit or as an IP55 version and is designed to comply with all appropriate sections of EN54.


    • Indoor or outdoor manuall call point for the Millennium radio system.
    • Up to 10 years battery life.
    • Attractive compact design.
    • Internal even memory.
    • Electronically programmable.
    • Reliable single board surface mount construction.

    Technical Specifications

    • Maximum Devices : 3000
    • Power Source : Dual lithium cells
    • Battery Life : Up to 10 years
    • Temperature Range : 0°C to 60°C
    • Humidiity : 0 to 95% (no condensation)
    • Contruction
      • Casing : Red KAC New World Series
      • Electronics : Single circuit board
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