Vimpex 24V 2 or 3 Amp Power Supply


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    Vimpex 24V 2 or 3 Amp Power Supply

    The Vimpex 24 Volt series of PSUs are switched mode power supplies ideal for fire alarm applications including magnetic door holders.

    Key Features

    • 24 Volt DC outpur voltage
    • Available in 2.0 A or 3.0 A versions
    • Up to 7.0 Ah capacity
    • Highly efficient power conversion - better than 85%
    • Constant current battery charging
    • Tamper switch output
    • Self resetting electronic fuse


    External Power Supply (AC Supply)

    The power supply has a three-way terminal block for Live, Earth and Neutral connections, and is protected by a 20mm anti-surge fuse. Mains earth is isolated from the 0v output, although, when supplied boxed, mains earth is connected to the metal enclosure.

    Tamper Output

    This voltage free output is connected to the Tamper Switch. These terminals will be shorted when the tamper switch is closed.

    24V Power Output

    Terminal blocks are provided to connect to the system. The “ON” LED indicates that 24V is available from these terminal blocks.

    Auxiliary Power Supply (Batteries)

    These power supplies are compatible with 7AH or 8AH Sealed Lead Acid or Gel batteries which are connected to the “BATT” terminals.

    If two batteries are to be used, they must be connected in series.

    Battery Protection

    The batteries and electronic circuitry are protected against reverse polarity connection by a self-resetting electronic fuse.

    Technical Specication

    • AC Input voltage : 230v +10% -15%, 50Hz ± 15%
    • Output voltage : 24v nominal
    • Output ripple : Less than 100mV
    • Battery recharge time : Less than 72 hours
    • Operating temperate range : -10°C to +40°C
    • Size (H x W x D mm) : 260 x 320 x 87
    • Weight (kg) : 3.2


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