Sigma XT+ Extinguishing Control Panel


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    Sigma XT+ Extinguishing Control Panel

    Sigma XT+ control panels are multi-area extinguishant control panels complying with EN12094-1, EN54-2 and EN54-4.

    The Sigma XT+ range offers panels with up to 8 zones of conventional detection with a maximum of 4 extinguishant areas available.

    Each Extinguishant area has a comprehensive set of inputs and outputs and is configurable via a simple programming interface. All extinguishant areas may have up to 7 serially connected Sigma SI status indication and control units or anciallary relay boards connected via a simple 4 core cable.

    The versatility of the control panel can be enhanced further by the fitting of up to 7 Sigma CP Ancillary boards (K580) or Sigma CP Sounder boards.


    • Fully certified to BS EN54-2 and BS EN54-4
    • 2, 4, or 8 detection zones
    • 1 to 4 extinguishant areas
    • Dual extinguishant outputs for each area (configurable as Main/Reserve)
    • First and second stage sounder outputs for each area
    • First and second stage volt free changeover contacts for each area
    • Released volt free contact per area
    • Fault volt free contact per area
    • Programmable extinguishant delays
    • Programmable output duration
    • Countdown indicator shows time until release in seconds
    • Mode select and manual release controls per area
    • Monitored remote manual release input
    • Monitored remote Hold input
    • Monitored remote Mode select (door interlock) input
    • Monitored remote Released pressure switch input
    • Monitored remote Low Pressure switch input
    • Monitored Abort input
    • Serial connection for Sigma Si status units and ancillary boards


    • Construction: 1.2mm mild sheet steel
    • IP Rating: IP30
    • Finish: Epoxy powder coated
    • Colour - lid & box: BS 00 A 05 grey - fine texture
    • Colour - controls plate & labels: RAL 7047 light grey - satin
    • Weight: 8kg
    • Supply voltage: 230V AC (+10%/-15%)
    • Mains supply fuse: 1.6 Amp 250V
    • Power supply rating (1 & 2 area units) :3 Amps total including battery charge 28V +/- 2V
    • Power Supply rating (3 & 4 area units) :5.25 Amps including battery charge 28v +/- 2V
    • Maximum ripple current: 200 millivolts
    • Battery charge voltage: 27.6VDC nominal (temperature compensated)
    • Battery charge current: 0.7A maximum
    • Battery fuse: 20mm, 3.15A glass
    • Current draw in mains fail condition: 54 milliamps per module
    • Max. current draw from batteries :3A (K21021, K21041, K21042, K21081, K21082) 4A (K21083, 421084)
    • Sigma XT+ module Aux 24V output :Fused at 500mA with electronic fuse - 1 per extinguishant area
    • Sigma CP Aux 24V output: Fused at 2.5A - not available to user
    • 1st and 2nd stage sounder outputs: 21 to 28V DC Fused at 1A with electronic fuse
    • Fault relay contact rating: 5 to 30VDC 1A Amp maximum for each
    • Fire relay contact rating: 5 to 30VDC 1A Amp maximum for each
    • Local fire relay contact rating: 5 to 30VDC 1A Amp maximum for each
    • First stage contact rating: 5 to 30VDC 1A Amp maximum for each
    • Second stage contact rating: 5 to 30VDC 1A Amp maximum for each
    • Extract contact rating: 5 to 30VDC 1A Amp maximum for each
    • Zone quiescent current: 0mA minimum, 2mA maximum
    • Terminal capacity: 0.5mm2 to 2.5mm2 solid or stranded wire
    • Number of detectors per zone: Dependent on type- typically 20
    • Number of sounders per circuit: Dependent on type and current consumption- typically 20+
    • Detection circuit end of line: 6K8 +/- 5% 1/2 Watt resistor
    • Monitored input end of line: 6K8 +/- 5% 1/2 Watt resistor
    • Sounder circuit end of line: 10K +/- 5% 1/4 Watt resistor
    • Extinguishant output end of line: 1N4004 Diode
    • No. of detection circuits: Two to eight. 21 to 28V DC
    • No. of sounder circuits: Dependent on model 21 to 28V DC
    • Extinguishant release output: 21 to 28V DC. Fused at 1 Amp
    • Extinguishant release delay: Adjustable 0 to 60 seconds (+/- 10%)
    • Extinguishant release duration: Adjustable 60 to 300 seconds
    • SIL, AL, FLT, RST inputs: Switched -ve, min resistance 0 ohms, max resistance 100 ohms
    • Zone normal threshold (Allowable EOL) :10K ohm to 2K ohm
    • Detector alarm threshold: 1K ohms to 390 ohms
    • Call point alarm threshold: 370 ohms to 150 ohms
    • Short circuit threshold:130 ohms to 0 ohms
    • Head removal condition: 15.5 to 17.5 volts
    • Cabling: FP200 or equivalent (max capacitance 1uF max inductance 1 mH)
    • Monitored inputs normal threshold (Allowable EOL): 10K ohm to 2K ohm
    • Monitored inputs alarm threshold: 2K ohms to 150 ohms +/- 5%
    • Monitored inputs short circuit threshold: 140 ohms to 0 ohms +/- 5%
    • Status unit/ Ancillary board connection: Two-wire RS485 connection (EIA-485 specification)
    • Status unit power output: 21 to 28V DC. Fused at 500mA with electronic fuse


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