DA999-011 PREX Proximity Request-to-Exit Door Release Button (DA999-011)


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    DA999-011 PREX Proximity Request-to-Exit Door Release Button

    The Covid-19 Pandemic has highlighted the need for access controlled doors to be opened without having to physically touch release buttons of door handles. The Dycon DA999-011 PREX Proximity ‘No Touch Request-to-Exit’ button provides the ideal solution. Easily installed into a standard UK single-gang wall box, this unit can be fitted close to the controlled door and the blue LED indicator draws attention to its position, removing the need to stick labels on the wall nearby.

    Any person requiring to leave through that door needs only to place a finger or hand within 5-10 cm of the button for it to operate, the LED will then turn Green and the door will release. The unit has a wipe-clean, stainless steel backplate easily cleaned with antiseptic wipes further improving its germ/virus resistance. Dycon DA999-011 PREX is ideal for clean environments, such as hospitals, clinics or doctor’s surgeries and it can help restrict the spread of germs in commercial and academic premises.

    Key Features

    • Infrared proximity sensor.
    • ‘Easy-clean’ stainless-steel back-plate.
    • Fits standard UK single-gang back box.
    • Quiescent state Blue LED turns Green when activated.
    • Normal ‘Ready-for-Action’ state.
    • 12VDC operation.
    • Relay output : COM/NO/NC contacts 45mA current consumption.

    Technical Specification

    • Operating Voltage : 12VDC
    • Current Consumption : 20mA
    • Operating Temperature : -10°C to + 70°C.


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