Baldwin Boxall Omnicare Type B Green Disabled Refuge Remote (BVOCECPG)

Baldwin Boxall

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    Baldwin Boxall Omnicare Type B Green Disabled Refuge Remote BVOCECPG

    The OmniCare system offers a choice of outstation units which can be wired on the same loop from the control panel. The BVOCECPG standard green disabled refuge remote unit is one of the options available on this versatile system.


    • Provides two-way, hands free, speech steered communication.
    • Self-powered from ring circuit, no local power source is required. Automatic battery backup is provided by the control panel in the event of a mains power failure.
    • Green finish (also available in stainless steel BVOCECPG).
    • Volt free contact, active when occupied. To operate over-door lamps, silence speaker/sounder, etc.
    • Stainless steel ‘press to call’ button.
    • Calls can be reset either by of the key-switch on the remote unit or at the master control panel.
    • Option to be permanently ‘active’ if required.
    • Reset from either remote unit using the key switch or via the master control panel.
    • All outstations are in a loop circuit from control panel(s).
    • A link to the fire detection system prevents hoax disabled refuge calls. This feature can be completely, or partly, overridden.
    • Surface mounting unit (can be flush mounted using a bezel).


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