Premier EVACS 1-16 Voice Alarm System (EVACS1-16)

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    Premier EVACS 1-16 Voice Alarm System

    Studies have consistently shown that people respond more readily and with less panic in a fire condition (and other emergency situations) when spoken instructions are used rather than loud electric sounders or bells.

    The Premier EVACS 1-16 Voice Evacuation Control Panel has been designed and developed as a stand alone system that will compliment any Zeta Fire Detection System. The control panel is a modular design, allowing up to 16 channels, units to be networked via RS485. Each unit has 80 watts output divided to 2 subchannels. Also 2 x 24Vdc is provided to drive alarm when needed. The Premier EVACS 1-16 Configuration Software lets you easily customise and programme a huge range of the panel’s features including; volume control, trigger matrix, microphone configuration, recording/ downloading bespoke alert and evacuate messages..

    Key Features

    • System can be networked up to 16 x twin channels totalling 1280w
    • Total live broadcasting from any handheld microphone on the network
    • Full option to isolate or select any live broadcasting from any of the 16 units on the network
    • Complies with EN54 part 16
    • Alert message up to 55 second
    • Evacuate message up to 1 minute
    • CE marked
    • Messages are transferred to the system via a PC
    • 40W per channel
    • Can play evacuate to selected channel(s) & alert to all others
    • All speakers have selectable power output
    • Choice of speakers and combined speaker and LED flashers available

    Technical Specification

    • No. of ChannelsTwin Channels
    • System Voltage40 Watts
    • Total Watts80 Watts
    • Evacuate Trigger Input1 common evacuate input
    • Alert Trigger Input1 common alert input
    • Messages2 x 55 second duration (1 evacuate message, 1 alert message) recorded via PC
    • Interface to MKII Protocol1 input available
    • Alarm Output2 x 500mA - 24Vdc, designed to trigger visual alarm
    • Speaker Voltage70-100V Line
    • Mains Voltage230V± 10% - 15%, 50/60Hz
    • Power Supply2.0 Amp Integral Power Supply
    • Max. Battery Back-up2 x 17.0 AH - 12V SLA
    • Dimensions (h x w x d)475.5 x 400 x 178mm
    • Weight7.1kg
    • Network: Up to 16 EVACS units can be networked over 1000 metres
    • Total Network Capacity1280 Watts


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