EMS FireCell Wireless Door Control


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    EMS FireCell Wireless Door Control

    The EMS FireCell Wireless Door Control, provided by Discount Fire Supplies, seamlessly combines reliable mechanics with wireless FireCell technology, enabling efficient integration into fire safety systems and evacuation plans.


    • Integrates proven mechanics with renowned wireless FireCell operation.
    • Provides comprehensive health monitoring through system integration.
    • Can be seamlessly included in phased evacuation plans via system cause and effects.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the FireCell Wireless Door Control compatible with the EMS FireCell system?

    Yes, the FireCell WDC is fully compatible with the EMS FireCell system, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced fire safety.

    Can individual devices be tested within the FireCell WDC?

    Certainly, the FireCell WDC allows for the individual testing of each device, providing a thorough assessment of its operational status.

    Is the FireCell WDC third-party certified?

    Yes, the FireCell WDC holds third-party EN certification, attesting to its compliance with industry standards and safety regulations.


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