Taktis 2 Loop EMS FireCell Control Panel with 48 or 96 Zone LEDs


Taktis 2 Loop EMS FireCell Control Panel with 48 or 96 Zone LEDs


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    Taktis 2 Loop EMS FireCell Control Panel with 48 or 96 Zone LEDs

    The Taktis® range of fire detection control panels employ state of the art electronics and software to provide a feature rich, end-user friendly solution for all fire detection and alarm system applications. The unique user interface, based on a 7” colour touch screen display, has been optimised to produce a system that is both powerful and easily understood when it is needed most; in an emergency situation.

    The carefully designed software presents concise information on the large display and guides users with clear and unambiguous instructions enabling the system to be controlled in a clear and intuitive manner.

    While presenting a simple to understand interface for the fire alarm user, Taktis control panels have a powerful and sophisticated engineering menu structure which caters for most complex configurations and allowing system diagnostic engineering functions to be performed.

    Available with 2 loops and upgradeable up to 8 loops using 2 loop cards, Taktis control panels also offer network expansion to accommodate wireless and hybrid fire system installations of all sizes.

    Taktis Fire Control Panels can also support Loop Cards with different sensor protocols enabling maximum system flexibility.

    The Taktis fire control panel range is third party EN certified and compatible with the EMS FireCell system and EMS Fusion Radio Loop Module (RLM).


    • Simple and intuitive 7” full colour touch screen display.
    • Powerful and versatile cause & effect programming.
    • Up to 96 zonal LED indicators.
    • 2 to 8 loops.
    • 10,000 event log - filterable and printable.
    • Fully networkable.
    • Configurable via USB port to PC or memory stick.
    • Third party EN certified.

    Technical Specifications

    • Loops : 2-8 loop (4 slot)
    • Construction : Steel enclosure, 1.2mm BMT
    • Dimensions : 420mm(W) x 590mm(H) x 150mm(D)
    • Weight : 15kg
    • Supply Voltage : 230Vac mains supply
    • PSU Rating : 24V dc, 5.25A (charges up to 26Ah)
    • Maximum Batteries : Up to 26Ah capacity
    • Display : Full colour, 7” 800 x 480 LCD with resistive touch screen and automatic backlight dimming
    • Inputs
      • 4x monitored inputs
      • 3x programmable inputs Fire routing input
      • Fault routing input
      • Extinguisher input
      • Extinguisher fault input
    • Outputs
      • 2-8 Detection loops; (added 2 at a time, using FC-K758 dual loop cards) - 500mA each
      • 4x Programmable sounder circuits; each rated at 2.5A, 24Vdc
      • 2x Auxiliary 24Vdc supplies; fused at 500 milliamps
      • 5x default relays; inc. Fault, Fire and Alarm
    • Protocol : XP95 Protocol
    • Serial Port
      • 2x programmable auxiliary serial RS232
      • Programmable ancillary I/O serial RS485
      • Programmable fire routing (Ifam) serial RS485
    • USB Ports
      • USB host port; USB type A
      • USB device port; USB type B
    • Network : RS485 networked
    • PC Connection : 
      • Connection via USB A to B Male USB cable
      • Configuration via Loop Explorer 2 PC configuration software
    • PC Graphics : Available upon request
    • CE : 0832-CPR-F0912
    • EN54 Certification : EN54-2 and EN54-4


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