Orbis Intrinsically Safe (IS) Multisensor Detector (ORB-OH-53027)


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    Orbis Intrinsically Safe (IS) Multisensor Detector

    The Orbis I.S. Multi-sensor Detector benefits from the same false alarm reduction technology as the optical detector. It is a thermally enhanced smoke detector and so will not give an alarm from heat alone.

    Key Features

    • Reduces false alarms.
    • Sensitive to fast burning, flaming fires.
    • Improved sensitivity to black smoke.
    • Compensation for slow changes in sensitivity.
    • Algorithms for reliability of alarm.

    Technical Specification

    • Sampling Frequency: Once every 4 seconds
    • Supply Voltage: 14-28V DC
    • Supply Wiring: 2 wires, polarity sensitive
    • Polarity Reversal: Not allowed
    • Power-up time: < 20 seconds
    • Minimum 'Detector Active' Voltage: 12V
    • Switch-on Surge Current at 24V: 105uA
    • Average Quiescent Current at 24V: 85uA
    • Alarm Load: 325 Ohms in series with a 1.0V drop
    • Minimum Holding Voltage: 5V
    • Minimum Voltage to Light Alarm LED: 6V
    • Alarm Reset Voltage: <1V
    • Alarm Reset Time: 1 Second
    • Remote Output LED (-) Characteristic: 4.7kOhms connected to negative supply
    • Material: White Polycarbonate
    • Alarm indicator: Integral indicator with 360° visibility
    • Dimensions (D x H mm): 100 x 50 mm
    • Weight: 80g
    • Operating and Storage Temperature: -40°C to +70°C
      • Operating temperature is restricted by the intrinsic safety gas
      • classification:
      • Class T5: -40°C to +40°C
      • Class T4: -40°C to +60°C
      • The detector must be protected from conditions of condensation or icing
    • Humidity: 0% to 98% relative humidity (no condensation)
    • Wind Speed: Unaffected by wind
    • Atmospheric Pressure: Insensitive to pressure
    • IP Rating to EN 6052:1992: 23D
    • Electromagnetic Compatibility:
    • Emissions: BS EN61000-6-3
    • Susceptibility: BS EN50130-4


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