Kentec LCMU Line Continuity Monitoring Unit (K14060)


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    Kentec K14060 LCMU Line Continuity Monitoring Unit

    To use this method of monitoring, the breaking connection of the detector base must be fitted with a diode. To ensure correct operation over a wide supply voltage range and with up to 20 detectors removed, a Schottky type BYV-1060 is recommended. These devices are, however, very sensitive to electrostatic discharge and extra care should be taken when handling or cable testing.

    It is also necessary to fit a 47uF capacitor to the detection line terminals on some of the control panels (not K3000 series or Sigma CP). Extreme care should be taken when fitting the capacitor in the panel as they are polarity conscious. The LCMU itself is also polarity conscious and the polarity is indicated in the normal manner i.e. black wire is always negative. A wrongly connected LCMU will produce a short circuit fault condition.

    Due to the use of surface mount technology components, the LCMU is probably the smallest device of its kind on the market. This enables the
    device to be fitted either within the last device on a zone or in the back box, eliminating the need for an additional wiring point.


    • Easy to install.
    • No additional wiring point.
    • Low cost.
    • Sub-miniature design.
    • Environmentally sealed.


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