Aico Ei1000 HomeLINK Environmental Sensors with optional Carbon Dioxide Monitoring


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    Aico Ei1000 HomeLINK Environmental Sensors with optional Carbon Dioxide Monitoring

    Discreet and secure, the Ei1020 Environmental Sensor can be placed throughout a property to monitor temperature and humidity, providing actionable insights to enable the creation of healthier, safer homes.

    In addition to monitoring temperature and humidity the Ei1025 versions also monitors Carbon Dioxide. 

    Integration with the Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway

    The Environmental Sensors wirelessly interconnect with the Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway, which is designed to monitor Fire and Carbon Monoxide alarm systems in real-time. With a central hub for all data, landlords can benefit from increased efficiency and improved asset management.

    Why Environmental Sensors?

    An exciting innovation in home life safety, the Ei1020 has been designed to create better maintained, healthier, energy efficient homes.

    Easy to install and manage, Environmental Sensors help to overcome many challenges, from compliance and carbon footprint to mould risk and fuel poverty; adding another dimension to resident safety, while helping landlords to meet their strategic goals through a range of actionable insights.

    How do Environmental Sensors work?

    • Gather data on indoor environmental conditions by installing Environmental Sensors in high-risk areas.
    • Connected sensors across multiple properties will give millions of invaluable data readings. Advanced Machine Learning technology constantly interprets the data to provide clear, actionable insights which are available via the HomeLINK dashboard.
    • Designed with Social Landlords, our innovative portal provides the information landlords will value most, to optimise investment, identify and tackle fuel poverty, improve maintenance and deliver unrivalled service to residents.

    Where to install Environmental Sensors

    Innovative and minimalistic, Environmental Sensors can be placed in any room with minimal disruption to residents. Some indoor areas are more susceptible to changes in indoor environmental conditions:

    • Bathroom
    • Kitchen
    • Living Room
    • Bedroom

    Key Features

    • Monitor condensation, damp and mould.
    • Easy to install and manage.
    • Gather data on indoor environmental conditions.
    • Suitable for wall and ceiling mounting.
    • 10-year lithium battery.
    • Connection to Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway required to extract data.


    Technical Specifications

    • Sensor Type : Temperature and humidity
    • Humidity Range (%) : 15-95
    • Temperature Range (°C) : -10 to 40
    • RF range (m) : >100 in free air
    • RF Frequency (MHz) : 868.2
    • Technologies : HomeLINK
    • Certifications/Approvals : EN 300 220-1, EN 300 220-2, EN 301 489-1, EN 301 489-3 & EN 62368-1
    • Dimensions : 36mm depth x 105mm width x 105mm height
    • Weight (kg) :
      • Ei1020 : 0.74
      • Ei1025 : 0.81
    • Warranty : 5-year warranty



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