Nittan Evolution EV-PSBCN Beacon Base (For Use With EV-PS) (EV-PSBCN)


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    Nittan Evolution EV-PSBCN Beacon Base (For Use With EV-PS)

    The EV-PSBCN base has been designed specifically for use with Nittan’s Evolution EV-PS Optical Smoke detector with built in sounder. The analogue addressable photoelectric EV-PS detector drives and controls the EV-PSBCN base, with the entire platform only taking one address for maximum system efficiency.

    Key Features

    • Beacon with Integral Base.
    • Non Addressed – dedicated for use with EV-PS.

    Technical Specification

    • Part Number : EV-PSBCN
    • Voltage Range : 24 – 38 Vdc (Evolution system)
    • Current Consumption (Iq) : 0mA
    • Current Consumption (Alarm) : 6mA
    • Maximum Power : 250mW
    • IP Rating : 23C


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