Kentec Fire-Cryer Extinguishing Voice Sounder with Visual Indicator (KFC3-ARRD)


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    Kentec Fire-Cryer Extinguishing Voice Sounder with Visual Indicator

    Kentec’s Fire-Cryer Plus voice sounder with visual indicators is an alternative to electronic sounders/bells/strobes, providing system specific voice messages to occupants.

    In areas where extinguishing systems are installed, clear and concise indication of the system status is critical to ensure the area is evacuated before extinguishing gas is released.

    The system requires no special wiring and can be retro fitted to existing installations.

    Key Features

    • Two voice enhanced sounders and controller PCB included
    • Optimised for use with Kentec extinguishant releasing panels
    • Retro fit replacement for electronic sounders or bells
    • Four unambiguous voice messages
    • Sounders with integral visual indicators
    • Controller PCB provides two sounder outputs
    • High sound output
    • Low-current consumption
    • Monitored (EOL)

    Technical Specification

    • Construction : 1.2mm mild sheet steel
    • IP Rating :
      • Standard Box : IP30
      • Waterproof Unit : IP65
    • Construction: 1.2mm mild sheet steel
    • IP rating (standard unit): IP30
    • IP rating (weatherproof unit): IP65
    • Colour - lid & box: BS 00 A 05 grey - fine texture
    • Weight : 1kg
    • Protocol: Apollo
    • Quiescent Current : 0.02A
    • Cable capacity: 2.5mm² per terminal
    • Inputs trigger threshold: 700 ohms to 100 ohms


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