Nittan Evolution Optical Detector With Optional Built In Sounder


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    Nittan Evolution EV-P & EV-PYS Optical Detector With Optional Built In Sounder

    Using a simple but effective technique, the EV-P Optical Detector incorporates a chamber housing an Infra Red (IR) LED light and a photodiode light detector set at an obtuse angle preventing it from seeing the light. When smoke enters the chamber the light bounces off the smoke particles and strikes the photodiode, causing it to generate an alarm condition when a set threshold value is met. The EV-P Optical Detector is therefore more sensitive to larger smoke particles which tend to be caused by smoldering fires rather than fast flaming fires.

    Benefiting from the same sophisticated detection technology as the EV-P, the EV-PS Optical Detector comes with a sounder fully integrated within the sensor itself as opposed to a separate sounder base. The EV-PS sensor drives and controls the EV-PSBCN base, with the entire platform only taking one address for maximum system efficiency. This clever design makes for quick and simple installation, saving both time and money, whilst remaining extremely competitively priced. It also makes for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, with a lower profile for an unobtrusive appearance.

    Key Features

    • Optical Detector.
    • Optional Integrated Sounder.
    • Evolution FSK protocol.
    • EEPROM Addressed (Programmer).
    • RIL and Base Control Outputs.

    Technical Specification

    • Part Number :
      • EV-P : Optical Detector
      • EV-PS : Optical Detector With Built In Sounder
    • Sensor Method : Light Scatter
    • Sensor Element : IR Diode
    • Sounder Type (Sounder Version Only) : Type A Indoor
    • Sounder Device (Sounder Version Only) : Piezo
    • Sounder Output (Sounder Version Only) : 83 to 88 db @ 1 metre (A-weighted)
    • Sounder Tones (Sounder Version Only) : Standard two tone 750Hz/1000Hz 0.5/0.5sec Only
    • Operating Voltage :
      • EV-P (Detector Only) : 20V DC to 35V D
      • EV-PS (Version With Sounder) : 20V DC to 38V D
    • System Voltage : 35V DC
    • Quiescent Current : 200µA
    • Alarm Current :
      • 5mA (LED)
      • 3.1mA (Sounder)
    • Current For External Remote LED Indicator : 2mA
    • Operating Temperature : 10°C to + 55°C
    • Storage Temperature :
      • EV-P (Detector Only) : -20°C to + 60°C
      • EV-PS (Version With Sounder) : -25°C to + 70°C
    • Charging Time : 
      • EV-P (Detector Only) : 4 minutes
      • EV-PS (Version With Sounder) : 1 minute
    • Relative Humidity : RH95% non-condensing.
    • I.P. Protection Rating : IP42
    • Addressing Method : Soft addressing, Non-Volatile EEPROM.
    • Material : ABS
    • Dimensions :
      • EV-P (Detector Only) :
        • Head Only : 104mm x 33mm
        • Head With Base (UB-6-EV) : 104mm x 48mm
      • EV-PS (Version With Sounder) :
        • Head Only : 104mm x 40mm
        • Head With Base (UB-6-EV) : 104mm x 55mm
    • Weight :
      • EV-P (Detector Only) :
        • Head Only : 118g
        • Head With Base (UB-6-EV) : 183g
      • EV-PS (Version With Sounder) :
        • Head Only : 145g
        • Head With Base (UB-6-EV) : 200g
    • EMC Conformance : EMC conformance to BSEN50130-4
    • CPR Number : 0832-CPR-F0247 & F0408
    • Standards / Certification : EN54-7 / LPCB 041
    • DoP Number : F0247 & F0408


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