Dorgard Pro Radio Controlled Fire Door Holder

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Dorgard Pro Radio Controlled Fire Door Holder

Dorgard Pro is a safe and legal way to keep fire doors held open and is compatible with all fire systems.

Dorgard Pro can be used alongside a Fireco Transmitter to increase battery life and monitor all devices from a central hub.

Key Features

  • Five-year battery life.
  • Uses two C-size batteries.
  • Anti-drag technology – carpet friendly.
  • Audio filtering – no false alarms.
  • Simple LED status lights.
  • Colours – Black, White.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colours is Dorgard Pro available in?

White and black.

How long will the batteries last in Dorgard Pro?

Five years.

How many Dorgard Pro can be controlled in one system?

One transmitter can control up to 50 repeaters and 500 Dorgard Pro in any one system.

What is the warranty of Dorgard Pro?

Five years.

Dorgard Pro is dragging on my carpet, is there anything I can do to prevent this?

Yes, Dorgard Pro has a feature to stop this happening. To set it up, push the plunger down and manually release it five times in one minute. When this anti-drag feature has been set correctly, your unit will beep once.

Once you’ve done this, the door will automatically release if someone tries to drag it.

Technical Specification

  • Power Size : 7
  • Product Dimensions
    • Height : 205mm
    • Depth : 45mm
  • Weight : 700g


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