RadioLINK Panel Interface Module (Ei413)


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    Aico RadioLINK Panel Interface – Ei413

    The Ei413 is a RadioLINK Panel Interface Module that provides an interface between RadioLINK alarms and accessories and Fire Alarm/System Alarm Panels. The module will decode ‘Fire, Carbon Monoxide and Fault’ signals from RadioLINK devices and activate the relevant onboard relay contacts.

    The relays are wired to the input contacts on the Panel which will take appropriate action. When the normally Open Input contacts (or DC Voltage input) are activated (from the panel) the module will transmit a RadioLINK signal to the alarms in the system to activate them (all alarms will sound).

    The module is powered either directly from the panel or from an external source (it requires an 11 to 30VDC power supply) the module uses advanced transceiver and signal coding technology to ensure robust and reliable RF signaling. It also has a ‘House Code’ feature that allows a system of RaioLINK units to be coded together to prevent interference with neighboring system. It is designed to remotely site and comes complete in its own enclosure.

    Key Features

    • Creates a two way communication between Aico alarms and a panel system
    • Connects wirelessly with all other Aico wireless interconnection products and is hard wired into the Panel system
    • Powered directly from the Panel system


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