BRK 790MBX Mains Heat Alarm With Alkaline Battery Back-Up (790MBX)


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    BRK 790MBX Mains Heat Alarm With Alkaline Battery Back-Up

    The 790MBX heat alarm is mains powered with 9V alkaline battery back-up and a PUSH-FIT docking base system; designed to ensure quick and easy installation of base unit to the mains feed supply at installation stage (1st fix) and for quick and easy connection of alarm to base unit (2nd fix). The PUSH-FIT base provides spacious room for wiring in premises such as flats where concrete ceilings can be problematic. Top and side entries accommodate for either cable or mini trunking installations.

    The PUSH-FIT base can also be used with 230V smoke and heat alarms in the 660, 670 & 690 series and up to 12 compatible smoke and heat alarms can be linked for simultaneous warning.

    Key Features

    • Advanced Class A2 thermistor sensing technology.
    • 230V mains powered.
    • Battery back-up:
    • MBX- 9V alkaline battery.
    • Hardwire interconnect with up to 12 units of a similar type.
    • Compatible with wireless interlink base.
    • Supplied with PUSH-FIT mounting base.
    • Central test and silence button.

    Technical Specification

    • Dimensions : 140mm (diameter) x 68mm (depth)
    • Product Code : 790 MBX
    • Supply voltage : 230V AC, 50Hz
    • Battery Back-up : 9V alkaline battery
    • Technology : Advanced Thermistor
    • Alarm Sound Level : 85dB(A) at 3m (minimum)
    • Installation Positions : Ceiling
    • Alarms At Temperature Range : +54°C to +70°C
    • Operating Temperature : +5°C to +38°C
    • Operating Humidity : 10% to 85% relative
    • Storage Temperature : +5°C to +38°C
    • Storage Humidity : 10% to 85% relative
    • Plastic Material : ABS, UL94 VO fire retardant
    • Warranty : 5 years
    • Weight : 377g


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