Testifire 9001 Smoke & Heat Test Kit (9 metres)


Testifire 9001 Smoke & Heat Test Kit (9 metres) (Testifire-9001-001)

Detector Testers

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    Testifire 9001 Smoke & Heat Test Kit

    Testifire 9001-001 Smoke and Heat Detector Test and Removal Kit - 9 Metres (30 Feet)

    Key Features

    • Allows testing and removal of detectors up to 9 metres (30 feet) in height
    • Combined stimuli, delivers quicker activation times for combination detectors
    • Unique Clearing Cycle provides rapid detector reset with no repeat alarms
    • Fully reverse compatible with the Solo range of poles, battery batons and chargers

    Kit Includes

    • 1x Testifire 1000-001 Head Unit
    • 1x TS3-001 Smoke Capsule
    • 2x Solo 760-001 Battery Baton
    • 1x Solo 725-001 Fast Charger
    • 1x Solo 100-001 Fibreglass Telescopic Access Pole 4.5 Metres
    • 3x Solo 101-001 Fibreglass Extension Pole 1.13 Metres
    • 1x Solo 200-001 Universal Detector Removal Tool
    • 1x Solo 610-001 Protective Carrying / Storage Bag


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