MZAOV Multiple Zone Smoke Vent Control Panel


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    MZAOV Multiple Zone Smoke Vent Control Panel

    The MZAOV control panels are avilable with one or two onboard smoke vent zones and choice of 3, 5 or 10 amp integral power supply. The two zone panels can be expanded to 4 or 8 zones (depending upon power supply) with extensions PCB cards.

    All MZAOV panels boast a large graphical LCD display. Each panel has been developed to provide a comprehensive and flexible solution to smoke vent control scenarios and is suitable for use with vents, windows and roof lights.

    Key Features

    • Up to 8 smoke vent zones from a single panel.
    • Choice of 3, 5 or 10amp power supply.
    • Detection zone(s) support conventional or sav-wire devices
    • Large graphical display.
    • Easy to program.
    • External input for each zone from other detection systems, to activate.
    • Monitored actuator output for each zone for controlling smoke vents.
    • Switch inputs to control wide combination of vents.
    • Fireman switch input to override all other inputs.
    • All inputs and actuator outputs monitored for Short and Open Circuit.
    • User switch inputs configurable as local fireman switches.
    • Thermostat input - Ventilation mode. Vents openable in 10% steps.
    • Actuators configurable for independent operation or linked together as per required by 12101-9 (expandable models only).
    • Optional support for Rain sensor, PIR and BMS control.
    • Staggered start of actuators to avoid the combined start-up currents from simultaneous actuator activations (expandable models only).
    • Monitoring of unused inputs and outputs can be disabled.

    Technical Specification

    • Enclosure : 1.2mm Mild Steel IP30. Colour ref: MW334E Interpon powder coat
    • Cable Entry : Via 20mm knockouts located in the top and rear of the cabinet
    • Dimensions :
      • 3 & 5amp : Back box: 375mm W x 345mm H x 110mm D Lid: 382mm W x 354mm H x 25mm D
      • 10amp : Back box: 460mm W x 490mm H x 110mm D Lid: 470mm W x 500mm H x 25mm D
    • Mains Supply :
      • 3amp : 3A internal switch mode power supply, Nom 27v DC
      • 5amp : 5A internal switch mode power supply, Nom 27v DC
      • 10amp : 10A internal switch mode power supply, Nom 27v DC
    • Battery Capacity :
      • 3 & 5amp : 2 x 12Ah 12v VRLA
      • 10amp : 2 x 18Ah 12v VRLA
    • Detection Zones : Monitored detection zone. EOL = 6K8
    • Twin Wire : Selectable in panel (enables AV devices to be connected to det cct)
    • On Board Relays : 1 x Alarm, 1 x Fault, volt free changeover, Max 3A
    • Fireman’s Switch Input : Fireman’s control switch input for Open/Close/Auto
    • Vent Control Input : Vent control switch input, Open/Close (rocker switch)
    • Actuator Output : Reversal actuator control output (2.5A total max) can be configured as a maintained output for a magnetic door
    • Aux Output : 1 voltage free normally open relay contact, closing when the associated zone is activated, Max 3A
    • BMS Connection : 0/10v positional control input 10% steps, 0/10v positional data output. (Available on separate PCB)
    • False Alarm Management : Type A, B and C dependency mode, approved by LPCB



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