Haes AOV Smoke Vent Control Panel


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    Haes AOV Smoke Vent Control Panel

    The AOV control panel range has been developed to provide a comprehensive solution to smoke ventilation system control. Models include; 3 amp, 5 amp & 10 amp PSU versions for control of small, medium and larger loads.

    Developed utilising the same detection circuit technology as our EN54 approved fire control panels the AOV offers a wide range of peripheral connections for the installer to utilise. The high spec models include all the available inputs and outputs in a single, off the shelf unit. No additional modules or cards are required.

    Key Features

    • Single zone conventional or Twin Wire detection circuit
    • Vent status indications & controls
    • 3A, 5A or 10A integral PSU
    • High spec versions include all available inputs & outputs in a single, off the shelf unit (see Technical Specification)
    • False alarm management mode included in all models

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are the trigger resistroes included with these AOV panels?


    Technical Specification

    • Main Features
      • 3, 5 or 10 Amp PSU/ battery charger
      • Space for up to 3.2Ah batteries (AOV-3)
      • Space for up to 12Ah batteries (AOV-5/10)
      • 1 Amp magnetic vent control output
      • 1 x 5A timed polarity reversal actuator control outputs (AOV-3)
      • 2 x 5A timed polarity reversal actuator control outputs (AOV-5/10)
      • Alarm relay change over contacts
      • Fault relay change over contacts (fail safe)
      • Trigger input (monitored)
      • Smoke detector input (conventional or Twin wire operation)
      • False alarm mode
      • Vent control switch inputs , Open / Close
      • Fireman’s control switch inputs for On/Off, Auto setting. Disable & test modes
      • Vent status indications & controls on front
      • 12v dc output (100ma) for PIR power
    • Additional Features for High Spec Version
      • Rain sensor input (monitored)
      • PIR sensor input (monitored)
      • 0/10 V Positional control input 10% steps
      • 0/10v Positional data output
    • External Indications
      • Vent Open
      • Vent Closed
      • Trigger Status
      • Detector Status
      • Supply Healthy
      • General Fault
      • General Alarm
      • Disabled
      • Test Mode
      • Rain Sensor Status
      • PIR Status
      • PSU Fault
      • System Fault
      • Access Status
    • External Controls
      • Keyswitch or code entry ‘activate controls’
      • Colour coded buttons for controls and programming
      • Button functions:
        • Open Vent
        • Close Vent
        • Reset
        • Code entry keys 1, 2, 3, 4
    • DIL Switch Selectable Options
      • Invert magnetic vent output
      • Actuator power to continuous mode
      • Set smoke to Twin Wire mode
      • BMS 0/10v control
    • Programmable Options
      • Set access code
      • Input circuit options
      • Latching
      • Short circuit to activate
      • Detector removal monitoring
      • False alarm mode selection
      • Actuator time setting, 10 to 150 seconds
      • Disable battery monitoring
    • Cabinet
      • Mild steel, lockable, 20mm knockouts
      • Colour ref: Radon MW334E Interpon powdercoat
      • AOV-3
        • Back box = 300mmW x 250mmH x 80mmD
        • Lid = 308mmW x 260mmH x 23mmD
        • Max battery size = 2 x 3.2Ah, 12v, SLA
      • AOV-5/10
        • Back box = 450mmW x 300mmH x 110mmD
        • Lid = 460mmW x 310mmH x 25mmD
        • Max battery size = 2 x 12Ah, 12v, SLA


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