Hochiki ESP Powered Output Module (CHQ-POM)

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Hochiki ESP Powered Output Module

Model CHQ-POM is a powered-output module designed to supply 24 VDC at various, user-selectable current levels from 2 to 32 mA (in increments of 2 mA). The unit is small enough to be added to other third-party devices thereby allowing a range of equipment to be added to the ESP loop. The unit also features two monitored inputs.

Key Features

  • Supplies 24 V dc at various current levels, 2 mA to 32 mA in increments of 2 mA
  • User-selectable current output
  • Includes two monitored inputs
  • Small design, provides simple connectivity to ESP loop for third-party devices, such as IFD-E
  • Colour-coded flying leads for simple installation


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