C-Tec FF502P 4 Zone Sounder Circuit Extender Kit (FF502P)


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    C-Tec FF502P 4 Zone Sounder Circuit Extender Kit

    The FF502P provides four extra sounder circuits with open and short circuit fault monitoring. It is compatible with most fire alarm control panels and is supplied mounted on a double gang plate which fits standard UK 25mm deep back boxes.


    • Provides four extra conventional sounder circuits with open and short circuit fault monitoring.
    • Compatible with most manufacturers' fire alarm control panels.
    • Supplied on a double gang plate.
    • Basic connection requires four wires: 24 VDC, 0V, Sounder –Ve & Sounder +Ve.
    • Sounder -Ve & Sounder +Ve can be connected at the host panel or any convenient point on a sounder circuit (DO NOT SPUR). 24 VDC and 0V can be derived from the host panel or, alternatively, from an external PSU.
    • If connecting the FF502P to a C-TEC fire panel only three input control wires are required (Sounder -Ve is not required as our conventional panels have a common 0V rail).
    • Fits on standard UK 25mm flush or surface mount back boxes.

    Technical Specification

    • Application/Operation : When the host sounder circuit is activated, the FF502P’s sounder circuits follow. If an open or short is detected on any extender circuit, the FF502P connects a 680Ω resistor across the host circuit to indicate a fault on the host sounder zone
    • Supply/Operating Voltage : 15-30 VDC
    • Quiescent Current : Less than 5mA @ 27 VDC (includes monitoring current)
    • Number Of Conventional Sounder Circuits : 4
    • EOL Resistor Value : 4 x 6K8 0.25W for sounder circuits A, B, C and D
    • Maximum Sounder Output Current : 400mA max. current per circuit. Total output current to be no greater than 1A.
    • Product Dimensions (mm) : 146 W x 85 H x D 23mm (Can be mounted on a standard UK 25mm double gang flush or surface back box)
    • Construction & Finish : White PVC plate; Light grey label.
    • IP Rating : IP40
    • Weight : 124g
    • Operating Conditions/Temperature : -10ºC to +60ºC.
    • Notes : A/B and C/D Trigger Inputs pull down to 0V.


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