Premier Quatro Addressable System Network

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    Premier Quatro Addressable System Network

    The Quatro system network has the facility to monitor, indicate and control the functions of a fire alarm installation, thus allowing signals to be distributed around a large site. The network operates as a global communication system and does not require a master panel or computer. This approach reduces cost and no single panel/equipment failure will disable the entire system. Each item of equipment connected to the network is referred to as a node. Up to 64 nodes may be connected.

    Each node is programmed independently to listen to all the nodes, or to a single node on the network The network uses RS 485 data communication. Up to a total network cable length of 64km is possible. All panels will continue to function in stand-alone mode, even if the network fails. The operation of the network is such that each node has total stand alone capability in that its local operation is not directly affected by its connection to or disconnection from the network. The ability of a local control panel to observe events means that it can be programmed to respond to events elsewhere on the network. The effect of this capability is that any control panel is able to respond to any sensor device connected anywhere on the network. This provides a possible effective 256 loop control panel distributed around a single site as a number of smaller units.

    Network repeater panels provide the ability to observe and control elements of the network via a compact unit which may be conveniently mounted at manned control points and still provide all essential display and control facilities. Network communication takes place over a single pair of wires providing a link to all nodes.

    Key Features

    • Peer-to-Peer network wide communication
    • Network together:- Premier Quatro panels & Network repeaters
    • Up to 64 panels or 256 loops may be networked together


    • RS 485 repeater output
    • Serial port for either panel printer or external printer (desk top)
    • RS 485 network connection for use with standard network data cable


    • This network card provides network connection for use with fibre-optic multi-mode. No printer or repeater out is available with this card.


    • Further to the network described on page 8, a QT-GNC (special Gateway card) can be used on any ONE Quatro panel (stand alone or part of a network) to provide the facility of connecting that stand alone panel and/or the network through a LAN connection to provide TCP-IP remote viewing on HTM for the last 64 events in that stand alone panel or network..


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