Quatro Network LED Driver (NET-LD20)

Zeta Alarms

Quatro Network LED Driver

The NET-LD20 is a module to provide an LED mimic of the Quatro control panel zonal fire LEDs, the module is placed on the network loop and is able to mimic the Quatro panel zonal LEDs of all panels on the network loop.

Each module can drive 20 LED outputs and up to 64 modules can be installed on the network loop. The module has 4 switch inputs that can be used to silence bus service, silence sounders, start sounders and reset function of all nodes on the network when configured as a controller. The module is equipped with an internal buzzer which will sound when any fire LED is lit.

The main use for this module is to construct a remote zonal LED indication and/or a mimic graphic LED indicator. It can also be used to construct multiple LED mimic indicators as part of a network loop. Each LED indication can also be used with sharing indications from a multiple panel Network.

Key Features

  • 20 LED outputs
  • Up to 64 modules per network loop
  • 4 switch inputs
  • Internal buzzer
  • Can be configured as a master or a slave
  • On board facility for firmware upgrade when needed
  • Separate 24Vdc is required


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