Quatro Touchscreen Repeater Interface (ZT-TSRI)

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    Quatro Touchscreen Repeater Interface

    The Quatro Addressable system now has a specialised repeater that has been designed to work with a touch screen interface. It has the ability to mimic the Quatro panel’s fire and fault messages, and display its location on a site map or graphic of your choice..

    There are 4 virtual keys that can be used to Start Sounders, Stop Sounders, Silence Buzzer and Reset. Another unique feature is that the repeater can be connected to the internet via its Ethernet RJ45 port, which gives it the ability to send messages via email to users and engineers, alerting them when there is an alarm or fault. It is easy to setup and install, and requires no desktop or laptop computers to run. Simply connect it to a touchscreen monitor via HDMI, power it with a micro USB cable, and connect to the QT-NC Modbus port and you’re ready to go.

    Key Features

    • Designed for use with a touchscreen display
    • Easy to use and setup
    • 4 virtual keys
    • Ability to send reports of alarms and faults via email to users/engineers
    • Mimics the LED display of a Quatro Addressable Panel
    • Mimics the LCD fault and alarm messages of a Quatro Addressable Panel
    • Displays the location of Alarms or Faults on either a site map or building diagram
    • Password protection to prevent unauthorised tampering.


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