FireAngel Mains Powered Wi-Safe 2 Thermistek Smoke Alarm (WST-230)


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    Mains Powered Wi-Safe 2 Thermistek Smoke Alarm

    The FireAngel Pro WST-230 is a thermally enhanced optical mains powered smoke alarm with wireless RF interlink. Featuring Thermoptek technology, it removes the need for ionisation alarms. This simplifies the installation process as you only need one type of smoke alarm. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, landings and hallways. Wi-Safe technology allows you to wirelessly interlink the alarms together in a network, perfect for where a physical connection is not feasible. Featuring a sealed, lithium back-up battery, the WST-230 will continue to power the alarm in the event of mains failure. Designed to last the lifetime of the alarm, the battery will never need replacing. The WST-230 is capable of communicating on a wireless network of up to 50 alarms in the range.

    Key Features

    • 10 year lithium battery back-up – no need to worry about changing the battery
    • Wi-Safe 2 – wirelessly interlink up to 50 alarms on a single network – when one sounds they all sound
    • Thermoptek technology – optical sensor with thermal enhancement provides faster reaction to all fire types, the only smoke alarm you need
    • Modern design
    • Combined central test, silence and locate button
    • Ultra slim, integrated mounting base for easy installation
    • Intelligent locate feature – silence all but the initiating alarm on a network
    • Can be used on a network of battery and mains powered products, using both hardwire interconnected and wirelessly interlinked products

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