DeWalt Wall Dog Fire Rated Securing Screws (WALLDOG)

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DeWalt Wall Dog Fire Rated Securing Screws

the DeWalt Wall Dog Fire Rated Securing Screw is a hard wearing, versatile screw that meets current fire regulations for Commercial and domestic applications. The Screw meets the fire requirement to hold support during tempuratures of up to 930ºC for at least 2 hours. We reccomend using the Wall Dog with the D-Line Safe-D range of fire rated clips. The screws measure 32mm x 8mm, and are supplied in packs of 100.

Most plastic wall-plugs will soften and fail later, disintegrating between 100ºC – 200ºC, so provide inadequate support in fire conditions for the time required. Simply drill a 4mm pilot-hole in the substrate, through the PVC trunking if applicable, insert the clip and the Wall-Dog. Sharp flutes along the shaft negate the need for plastic wall plugs. Wall-Dogs are EN certified as 2 hour fire-rated.

Key Features

  • 930 Degrees rated for at least 2 hours
  • Sharp Flutes along the shaft negate the need for wall plugs
  • En Certified
  • simple installation
  • Packs of 100

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Wall-Dog Fixing Meet The Standards To Secure Fire Cable?

DEWALT Wall-Dog ccrews complies with BS7671 which states that in fire escape routes all wiring must be secured with "all metal fixings" i.e no combustable plastic plugs. Therefore walldog does not need any additional fire ratings to comply with this regulation.


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