Howler GoLink Control Panel (GLCP)

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Howler GoLink Control Panel

The Control Panel is designed to be easy to use with self explanatory buttons for simple day to day operation. There are also a number of optional system settings available in the set up mode, including two stage alarm, automatic battery test, siren time out. Key Events on the system are logged on an SD card so you can see what has been happening at any time. The panel is battery operated, but can be powered via a plug in mains transformer. There are a number of output options form the panel to facilitate integration with ancillary equipment such as autodiallers, CCTV Systems, and Access Control Systems. 

In an age of Sophistication, complexity and novelty, we sometimes loose sight of what we actually need, and ultimately what we actually want. When it comes to a fire warning system, there is one simple message you need to convey: "GET OUT", as clearly as possible. With the Howler GoLink temporary fire warning system, that message can be clearly convayed, installed as quickly as possible, and needs minimum maintenance. Creating a radio linked fire warning system which is simple to install, use and maintain was not an easy task, but at Howler they have completed that challenge and have crafted it in Howler tradition: Reliable, Simple, and Tough. 

Key Features

  • Quick and easy to install and link
  • Key Events recorded by SD Card
  • Battery and Mains Powerable
  • Compatible with Ancillary Devices

Technical Specification

  • Max No of Stations Per Channel : 127
  • Number of Channels : 8
  • Switch Options :-
    • Call Point
    • Push on / Push off (IP65)
    • Push on / Twist off (IP65)
    • Push on / Key off (IP65)
  • Panel Outputs :-
    • 2 x Relays
    • 9V Normally Open Contacts
  • Detector options : Heat and Smoke Detectors, Wireless or Hard Wire Interlinking
  • Howler Volume : 102dB at 1m
  • Autodialler Option : GSM Battery Operated Auto-Dialler. Dialls up to 10 numbers


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