Rapidfire Wireless Site Alarm Optical Smoke Detector (F/CHRP/OPT/WB)

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    Rapidfire Wireless Optical Smoke Detector

    Rapidfire is a wireless site alarm system ideal for use in temporary locations like construction sites and marquees.

    The flexibility of this system and the ability to install a working fire alarm system without wires and lengthy commissioning are major benefits for many event organisers and site managers.

    Optical smoke detectors detect smoke particles that enter the detector chamber by using an LED and light sensor – when light is scattered by the smoke particles the sensor sees the light and triggers an alarm. This type of fire detection is very reliable and can be effectively used in practically any location.

    In the Rapidfire site alarm system up to 10 smoke detectors can be connected wirelessly to single Rapidfire base unit. Several base units can be used together and this system can even be connected to existing wired fire alarm systems with the addition of a Rapidfire wireless interface module.

    Wireless smoke detectors can be positioned anywhere up to 100m from the base unit. Connectivity is confirmed at installation by activating 'Install Sounder' mode on the smoke alarm prior to positioning. If the sounder can still be heard at the installation point then you can be assured the smoke alarm device is within working range.

    The Rapidfire Wireless Optical Smoke Detector also includes an anti-vandalism locking device as well as a low-battery and no-signal warning system.

    Technical Specification

    • Power: Lithium sealed battery (non-replaceable)
    • Sounder: Integral 85dB
    • Test Button: Integral
    • Operating Temperature: 0ºC – 55ºC
    • Radio Linking Frequency: 868 MHz
    • Range: 100m in open conditions
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