Rapidfire Wireless Site Alarm Manual Call Point (F/CHRP/BGU)

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Rapidfire Wireless Manual Call Point

The Rapidfire wireless site alarm system has been developed for locations where a hard-wired fire alarm system is neither practical nor cost-effective. Rapidfire presents a temporary fire alarm solution that is flexible and designed to meet the needs of locations such as marquees or construction sites.

This wireless manual call point has been specifically produced for the Rapidfire wireless fire alarm system where up to 10 devices can be connected to each base unit. Manual call points are an integral addition to every fire alarm system, allowing people to quickly raise an alarm in the event of discovering fire.

Manual call points are instantly recognisable by their bright red housing and familiar 'break glass' activation method. The Rapidfire manual call point features a resettable 'break glass' element meaning this manual callpoint can be used again and again. A reset key is provided with each Rapidfire call point delivered.

This device can be surface mounted in any position within 100m open range of the sounder/flasher base unit which houses a high-powered LED strobe and a sounder which emits an alarm of up to 90dB. Up to 10 manual call points and smoke detectors in a mix of your choice of can all be connected using the same Rapidfire wireless base unit.

Technical Specification

  • Power: Integral lithium 3V battery, capacity 1400mAh; IEC standard: CR17345
  • Max. Range Between Manual Call Point and Base: 100m in open conditions
  • Installation Method: Surface Mounted
  • Resetting Key: Included

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