Rapidfire Wireless Site Alarm Base Unit (F/CHRP/MASTER)

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    Rapidfire Wireless Site Alarm Base Unit

    The Rapidfire Wireless Base Unit is the starting block for a Rapidfire wireless site alarm system. Up to 10 devices can be connected wirelessly to this base unit which features a sounder, flasher and manual call point.

    This site alarm system has been designed for sites where a wired fire alarm system is not feasible, such as temporary locations including building sites and marquees. If you are preparing an alarm system for a location where hard-wiring may not be practical or cost-effective then this could be the ideal solution.

    Devices can be connected wirelessly to the Rapidfire base unit within a range of up to 100m in clear open areas. Connectivity is confirmed during installation and this is achieved by activating 'Install Sounder' mode on the smoke alarm to be installed prior to positioning. If the sounder can still be heard after you have walked to the installation point then you can be assured the smoke alarm device is within range of the base unit.

    The Rapidfire Site Alarm Base Unit features a integral sounder which emits a very loud alarm of up to 90dB.

    An integral LED strobe light (flasher) will also be activated in an alarm condition. Anyone in the vicinity who may be hearing-impaired will also be made aware of the fire alarm through this feature. LED strobe lighting is especially effective at night or in dark conditions.

    For each base unit in your temporary fire alarm system you can add up to 10 devices – these can be either manual call points, smoke detectors or a mix of both devices. This allows the installation of a very flexible wireless fire system that can be easily adapted to suit any site.

    It is also possible the connect the RapidFire wireless system to an existing fire alarm system via an interface module.

    Note: Rapidfire smoke detectors, manual call points and interface modules are sold separately.

    Technical Specification

    • Power: Lithium 3V battery, capacity 1300mAh; IEC standard: CR17345 for the radio module & 6LR 61 Alkaline 9 volts battery for sounder/beacon operation; Autonomy: 5 years with at least 5 minutes alarm
    • Installation Method: Surface Mounted
    • Sounder: Integral 90dB within 2m
    • Strobe Lights: Integral high power LEDs
    • Dimensions: 126(W) x 242(H) x 75(D) mm
    • Manual Call Point: Integral/wireless complete with 3V lithium battery
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