Infinity ID2 2, 4, or 8 Zone Fire Alarm Kit

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Infinity ID2 2, 4 or 8 Zone Fire Alarm Kit

The ID2 is the most flexible and advanced two wire system on the market. Installers benefit from a choice of radial or loop wire modes. In the case of the radial configuration, no end of lines are required and devices can be spurred off one another. Following the auto-configuration each device on the system can be given a 20 character description. This means in the event of a fire or fault the exact device will be displayed on the panels LCD display (for instance, “Main Office” or “Bedroom 1”).

The infinity ID2 system is priced very competitively, and by by starting with one of these kits you will save even more. By Purchasing this kit, you will benefit from 1 free detector, 2 free batteries, 1 free Mains Safety Isolator, and a free check-it tester spray over purchasing the panel, 6 detectors and 2 Manual Call Points separately.  

Kit Contents

This addressable fire alarm kit includes the following fire alarm equipment;=

  • 1 x Infinity ID2 2,4, or 8 Zone panel (depending upon chosen kit)
  • 2 x Zeta 3.4Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • 6 x ID2-OP/S Addressable Optical Smoke Detector with Sounder
  • 1 x ID2-HR/S Addressable Rate of Rise and Fixed Heat Detector with Sounder
  • 2 x ID2 Addressable Manual Call Point
  • 1 x Red Safety Isolator Switch
  • 1 x CHEKKIT Handheld Smoke Detector Tester Spray

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