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    Freedor Wireless Door Closer (FREEDOR)

    To prevent the spread of fire and smoke in an alarm condition, door closers are essential. They ensure that there is a barrier between the danger of fire and the rest of your building.

    The Freedor Wireless Door Closer is a unique device that can greatly enhance your existing fire alarm system.

    Suitable for both right and left swing doors, fire doors fitted with the Freedor door closer can be left open in any position during normal use and the device won't limit the range of motion in any way.

    The unit comprises a microphone that continually monitors the sound level in the surrounding environment. The door release will automatically be triggered when it hears an alarm louder than 65dB over a verification period of 14 seconds.

    Freedor can be retrofitted to any fire door up to power size 4 (80kg door) and is battery powered with a life expectancy of up to 18 months so there's no need for wiring or connection to your electricity supply.

    Closing and latching speeds are adjustable and there's even a night-time release facility.

    Fully compliant with BS EN1154 and BS EN1155.

    Installing and Operating

    Freedor is a fitted only fire door closer. This product should only be fitted by an approved Fireco installer. Upon purchase you will be contacted by the Fireco customer service department to arrange free on-site installation. 

    Attempting to install or alter the product in any way not approved by Fireco may result in damage to your product and cause the warranty to be invalidated.


    • Power Supply: 9V alkaline battery pack
    • Battery Life Expectancy: 18 months
    • Casing: Steel
    • Suitability: Fire doors up to Power Size 4 (80kg)
    • Trigger: By BS 5839-3 compliant alarms over 65dB
    • Kit Weight: 3.9kg
    • Device Weight: 2.9kg
    • Dimensions: 105 x 320 x 90 mm

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the Freedor have a low battery warning?

    Yes - the Freedor will give a warning for both Low Battery and Critical Battery levels.


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