Klaxon Voice Alarm Message Controllers


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    Klaxon Voice Alarm Message Controllers

    When combined with a message controller voice sounders can transmit upto 4 messages over the same sounder circuit with no additional wiring.

    Message Controller for Fire Alarm Systems

    Alert, Evacuate, Test & All Clear messages for each stage of alarm.

    Message Controller for Gas Extinguishing Systems

    Alert, Gas Release Imminent, Gas Released and Gas Hold messages for each stage of alarm.

    Message controllers have two status indication LED’s; a ‘System Health’ indicator which is green in colour and a ‘fault indicator’ which is amber in colour.

    Key Features

    • Acts as a communication medium between the alarm panel and voice sounders
    • No additional wiring
    • Fully synchronised voice messages
    • System health indicators
    • Simple operation
    • Compatible with any of the Sonos Voice Sounders and the Nexus red LED voice sounder beacon (PNV-0003)

    Technical Specification

    • Ordering Code :
      • PNV-0022 : Fire Alarm System
      • PNV-0004 : Gas Extinguishing Alarm System
    • Operating Voltage : 17-28V DC
    • Quiescent Current : 16mA
    • Alarm Current : 45mA
    • Sounder Load : 2A
    • IP Rating : Indoor
    • Operating Temp : -10ºC to +55ºC
    • Construction : Polycarb Flame Retardant
    • Weight : 0.48Kg
    • Dimensions : 131mm W x 178mm H x 60.5mm D

    Wiring Configuration

    Fire Alarm System

    Klaxon Voice Message Controller Fire Alarm System Wiring Diagram

    Gas Extinguishing System

    Klaxon Voice Message Controller Gas Extinguishing System Wiring Diagram


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