SigTEL 4-224 Line Controllers - 4, 8 or 16


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    SigTEL 4-224 Line Controller - 4, 8 or 16

    Our SigTEL range comprises three wall-mounting master controllers (the ECU-4, ECU-8 and ECU-16 which can handle 4, 8 and 16 lines respectively). Typically located in a building's control room or fire services access point, they allow management and/or the fire services to communicate via a telephone-style handset with the system's 'outstations'. A controller without a handset (ECU-8NT) and a new 224 line desk controller (ECU-224) are also available.


    • Ideal for disabled refuge, fire telephone and stadium marshalling applications
    • ECU-4 can be connected to up to 4 outstations
    • ECU-8 can be connected to up to 8 outstations
    • ECU-16 can be connected to up to 16 outstations
    • Includes an attractive semi-recessed handset
    • Improved SigTEL networking capability allow systems of up to 224 lines to be created with optional/additional desk unit control
    • Backlit LCD and unique ‘auto-learn’ facility allows fast system set up.
    • Can be semi-flush mounted using an EVC385 bezel.
    • Operation can be maintained for 24 hours (standby) and 3 hours (in use) using 2 x 12V 7 Ahr batteries
    • Easily interfaced to NC951 accessible toilet alarms, PDA range hearing loop systems, strobes, CCTV activation relays, etc.


    • Approvals/certifications: Facilitates compliance with BS5839-9 when correctly installed.
    • Mains supply: 230V 50/60Hz
    • Mains rated current: 500mA
    • Internal power supply: 19V-28.5V (27V nominal). Ripple 7V maximum (battery fault)
    • Total output current limited to: 1.5A @ 230Vac
    • Quiescent current: 100mA (controller with fault buzzer sounding) plus 1mA per Type A outstation and 3.2mA per Type B outstation.
    • Max battery size and type: 2 x 12V 7Ah VRLA connected in series
    • Auxiliary relays: Changeover fault relay (failsafe). 30V 1A max
    • Open collector outputs: (OP1): Activates when the ECU is ringing; (OP2) Activates when there is an active accessible toilet alarm call; (OP3) Closes when the handset is off hook and remains active for 2 mins after it is replaced. 24V, 50mA max
    • Other outputs: +24 V. Typically used to supply power to equipment connected to the ECU's open collector outputs (relays, etc)
    • Engineer (AL3) functions: Engineer mode and reset buttons (internal)
    • Indicators: 128 x 64 pixel LCD display; Disablement; System fault; PSU fault; General fault; Power on
    • Controls: Handset; Scroll buttons; Hold; Call Accept; Function; Directory; Silence Buzzer
    • Product dimensions (mm): 410 W x 250 H x 80 D mm (base); 439 W x 274 H x 7 D mm (lid). Handset protrudes 80 mm beyond lid
    • Construction & finish: Metal lid and base, RAL7035 grey texture.
    • IP Rating: IP20
    • Weight: 3.1kg (without batteries)
    • Operating conditions/temperature:
    • No. of lines:
      • ECU-4: 4 (extra lines available on networked systems)
      • ECU-8: 16 (extra lines available on networked systems)
      • ECU-16: 16 (extra lines available on networked systems).
    • Product dimensions: 410 W x 250 H x 80 D mm (base); 439 W x 274 H x 7 D mm (lid). Handset protrudes 80mm beyond lid
    • Hole required for semi-flush mounting: 412 W x 255 H x 50 D mm. Requires AFP385 bezel


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