EDA-Q690 Electro Detectors Zerio Plus Battery Pack (EDA-Q690)

Electro Detectors

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    EDA-Q690 Electro Detectors Zerio Plus Battery Pack

    The EDA-Q690 battery pack is replacement battery assembly compatable with the Zerio Plus wireless fire alarm system devices.

    The number of packs requires is dependant upon the device as follows;

    • 1 per Callpoint and all Detectors.
    • 3 per Sounder.
    • 2 per Sounder Detector (from June 2013).

    Device Requirements

    Device Number of EDA-Q690 Packs
    EDA-R5000 1
    EDA-R6000 2
    EDA-R6030 2
    EDA-D5000 1
    EDA-D6000 2
    EDA-D6030 2
    EDA-C5000 1
    EDA-A6000 3
    EDA-A6030 3
    EDA-A6060 3
    EDA-T5000 1
    EDA-T5100 1
    EDA-T6080 1


    • Replacement battery pack for Zerio Plus wireless devcies.
    • Devices require 1-2 packs each.
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