Wireless Test-Silence-Locate Control Unit - Smart RF (FS1524W2-T)


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    Wireless Test-Silence-Locate Control Unit - Smart RF

    This wireless module is designed to be installed in a Wi-Safe 2 compatible smoke/heat alarm or Wi-Safe 2 compatible Carbon Monoxide alarm which offers an additional option for wireless connectivity (and which is not already wireless enabled).

    When the wireless module is fitted into a Wi-safe 2 compatible Sprue Safety Products smoke/heat alarm or carbon monoxide alarm it enables the unit to be wirelessly interlinked with other Wi-Safe 2 enabled products.

    When any of the interlinked products are triggered by smoke/heat (or carbon monoxide in the case of CO alarms), that unit will transmit messages to the other units in the network, sounding all the alarms in the system simultaneously, which means they provide the earliest warning of fire, to the maximum number of people. Any number of units from two, up to fifty alarms can be interlinked into a single network.

    Key Features

    • Smart RF - works with any Smart RF ready device.
    • Features Smart RF technology - Wirelessly interlink up to 50 FireAngel Smart RF products, including FireAngel Connect Gateway.
    • Connects to FireAngel Connect Gateway.
    • Smart RF - when one alarm sounds, they all sound.
    • Separate fire and CO alarm identifications
    • Test function - allows you to test all interlinked alarms from one - testing alarms becomes simple and fast
    • Silence function - silence all interlinked smoke and heat alarms An alarm cannot be silenced if CO has been detected, however the locate function allows the initiating CO alarm to be located
    • Locate function - silence all wirelessly interlinked alarms except the initiating alarm
    • Memory function - if one of the alarm indicators is flashing every 10 seconds a smoke, heat or CO alarm has been activated
    • Increases accessibility for individuals who are unable to easily test or access alarms e.g vulnerable adults, disabled, individuals living in properties with high ceilings

    Technical Specification

    • Product Dimensions: 90mm (width) x 90mm (height) x 22.5mm (depth)
    • Supply voltage: 3V DC
    • Battery: 10 years sealed lithium
    • Installation positions: Wall/ Portable
    • Technology: Smart RF
    • Weight: 142g
    • Operating temperature: +4°C to+38°C
    • Operating humidity: Up to 90% RH non-condensing
    • Storage temperature: -20°C to+60°C
    • Storage humidity: Up to 93% RH non-condensing
    • Plastic material: ABS, UL94 VO fire retardant
    • Independently tested to: ETSI EN 300 220-2 V2.4.1, ETSI EN 301 489-1 V1.9.2, ETSI EN 301 489-3 V1.6.1
    • Maximum number of connected units: 50 Smart RF devices
    • Operating Frequency: 868 MHz
    • Range: 35m (over 200m in clear air)
    • Master pack quantity: 10


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