EDA-Z6000 / EDA-Z6010 - Zerio Plus Wireless or Wired Booster

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  • EDA-Z6000

EDA-Z6000 / EDA-Z6010 - Zerio Plus Wireless or Wired Booster

The Zerio Plus Wireless Signal Booster Panel is designed to relay radio signals from the main control panel around the site to the peripheral devices and other booster panels.

The EDA-Z6010 Wired Intelligent Antenna is designed for use with the Zerio Plus range of control panels. This unit is designed to be hard wired from the main control panel and positioned in areas where the signal strength from the main control panel is low.


  • Increases the wireless coverage or a Zerio Plus system
  • Wireless or Wired Versions available

Technical Specification

  • Power :
    • EDA-Z6000 : Requires 240V power supply
    • EDA-Z6020 : Powered from manin control panel

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