Fike Duonet 1-2 Loop Addressable Control Panel (510 0001)


Fike Duonet 1-2 Loop Addressable Control Panel

The Duonet intelligent fire alarm systems offer both cost-effective and reliable solutions for a wide variety of fire detection applications. The innovative technology built into the Duonet and Quadnet panels is designed to significantly reduce false alarms. The systems can support up to 200 Multipoint ASD combined detector/sounders on a single loop.

Integrity of the system is maintained by way of a built-in isolator incorporated within every device. System intelligence has been harnessed in such a way that equipment used is very easy to install, commission and maintain.

The system has been designed to high specification and quality standards, and complies with the EN54 - 2 and EN54 - 4 standards and EU directives.

Powerful software gives the capacity of up to 4 loops for the Quadnet and 2 loops for the Duonet panel, making addressable Multipoint ASD detector technology available to customers with systems up to 800 devices.

The panels have been designed using significant customer feedback, to produce a high specification system with many unique features. Its appeal will attract consultants, clients, installers and engineers alike. The standard black high-gloss finish of the panels has been chosen to reflect the panel’s state of the art technology and to enhance its surroundings, rather than be hidden away.

Commissioning software, the panel menu and the keypad layout are installer friendly, along with ease of access for cable entry and terminations, making Quadnet and Duonet panels a popular choice for engineers and the end user alike.

Key Features

  • Duonet 1-2 Loop.
  • Large display to aid event identification.
  • Soft addressing.
  • Distributed intelligence - network up to 8 panels or repeaters.
  • Fast short circuit isolator in every device.
  • 15 combinations of smoke and heat detection modes.
  • Loop length up to 2km long.
  • Loop capacity up to 200 devices with built in sounder.
  • Digital communication with high power transfer.
  • Multi stage alarms - pre alarm feature.
  • Very low current consumption.
  • 7 sound patterns - and 3 volume settings.
  • Auxiliary digital inputs and outputs are available at any Multipoint ASD detector.
  • Automatic continuous self-calibration.
  • Multipoint ASD detectors are monitored for all failures of sensor chamber - warning is indicated.
  • Advanced commissioning software.
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